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Prism Packaging produces a vast array of bags, pouches, sachets, wraps, from films to foils. When filled and sealed these bags acquire a pliable shape that can be closed with a zipper and hung on a display by adding a punch hole.​

These bags are highly desirable in the food, herb and supplement industries due to their strength, durability and ability to protect contents from the outside environment for maximum life expectancy. We also offer certified child-resistant bags in a variety of packaging films and structures.

Our high-barrier films include odor-resistant, single-use, and resealable options. Great for keeping smells and odors from exiting the bag and preventing moisture from entering. Preserve your product’s freshness while maintaining its quality.

For brands looking to go green with their product packaging, our 100% recyclable CR zippers, and sustainable film structures provide you with an earth-conscious solution.

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