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Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeve labels are a rapidly growing trend in packaging designs for premium foods, beverages, and consumer products. With 360-degree design coverage and dynamic shelf presence, these full-body labels provide colorful wrap-around coverage that deliver fine lines, incredible detail, and distinctive vignettes throughout the graphics. 

Shrinks sleeves contour to the uniqueness of a package and can be applied to any shape or type of container- whether it be glass, plastic, or even metal. Perfect for products that encounter moisture or friction. Shrink sleeves provide excellent scuff resistance, easily detectable evidence of tampering, and consumer-convenient multi-pack presentation.

We offer low minimums of 250 and easier recyclability for glass and aluminum containers for the eco-friendly minded.


To ensure a sleeve will fit, you must provide a physical sample or a manufacturer’s object (.obj) file of the container.

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