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Sales Tax Policy

South Dakota v. Wayfair imposes tax collection and remittance duties on out-of-state sellers meeting gross sales and transaction volume thresholds. If you ship into any of the following states we are registered in, you will begin to see sales tax added to your order as of 01/01/2019.

States where we collect sales tax

  • California

  • Colorado

  • Florida

  • Georgia

  • Illinois

  • Indiana

  • Kansas

  • Kentucky

  • Louisiana

  • Maine

  • Maryland

  • Michigan

  • Missouri

  • Nevada

  • New Jersey

  • New York

  • North Carolina

  • Oklahoma

  • Pennsylvania

  • South Carolina

  • Texas

  • Utah

  • Virginia

  • Washington

  • Wisconsin

What is a resale certificate and who can use one?

Resale certificates are used by purchasers when acquiring property for resale in its present form or as components of other property. A business which is registered for sales and uses tax can use a resale certificate only when the merchandise being purchased is to be resold by the business.

How to submit an exemption

If your business or organization is exempt by statute (government, nonprofit, military, etc.) or you plan to make purchases for resale, you can submit your state-issued documentation or resale certificates. Please make sure to include your company name and customer number. You will also need to answer the questions on the form, sign, and date. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the email listed above.

Any inquiries or comments should be emailed to

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