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From Product Dreams to Reality

What if I told you that whether you're a personal trainer, Uber driver, bartender, 40 hour full-time worker, or a stay at home parent- you can operate your own business without leaving your home using the power of the internet? I know, sounds like someone trying to sell you some pyramid scheme. With contract manufacturing, however, this is all possible. Without the pyramid or Ponzi schemes.

Allow me to explain.

A contract manufacturer is a company that sells a product to others at wholesale prices. Some allow you to provide your own label and packaging and sell your “own” brand. For

example. Two different mid-priced shampoos at your local department store could, quite possibly be, the same product from the same manufacturer. Just owned by two competing businesses with different packaging. This enables someone to sell virtually any product while cutting out the process of actually having to develop and create their own.

The next question is, how can I get started? You could, like most people, use the most readily available search engine at your disposal- Google. I promise your search will generate hits. Hundreds of pages of hits. “This is great!” you’re thinking, right? Surely it is. That is, until you find yourself at 2 in the morning still filtering through endless pages trying to find a legitimate manufacturer that has what you are looking for coupled with the price you want. Don’t forget to add the hidden costs, which will vary depending on the product.

We offer a simpler solution. By contacting us, you are introduced to our exclusive vendors

list. The companies we work with have a track record for smooth and efficient service. Through our partnerships we are able to offer the most competitive prices. From initial logo design, to packaging, web design, and fulfillment we have a dedicated staff ready to help

you build your brand from the bottom up.

When you work with us you’re not just employing one business- you’re utilizing a network. Anything from protein bars and supplements for you personal trainers, to organic baby shampoos for you conscious parents. Our network has the tools and experience to assist you in getting your brand from your brain to the shelf. All you have to do is sit back and sell.

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