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Laser Die Cuts

Unusually sized or custom shaped products? No problem! We provide the option of utilizing our Laser Die Cuts, enabling you to choose almost any shape imaginable for your labels.

A custom die cut label is a great way to differentiate your label from any product on the shelf. It offers a unique look that makes your product easily stand out, and can also work as a great and cost-effective way to help prevent counterfeiting. Although we have over 10,000 standard die cuts in stock that will fit almost any required size, a custom die cut will provide that little extra oomph your packaging may be missing. Our custom die cuts are not limited to labels and can also be used for stickers and window clings.

The maximum quantity we can laser die cut is 5,000 labels. Vinyl material cannot be laser die cut, however, alternatives to vinyl that are equally durable are available. 

Choose a laser die cut label and never pay for custom die charges again!

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