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Foil Pouches

Foil pouches are low-cost marketing tools that yield excellent results through versatility and ability to package small items and portions. They are durable and provide a great barrier to moisture and oxygen. Customized foil pouch solutions make it easy to meet a variety of size, type, and labeling requirements. Printed and produced to your specifications, with zip closure options for maximum ‎freshness, a wide variety of flexible materials, and gloss or soft touch finishes.

Increasingly popular in our grab-and-go culture, pouches provide the ultimate level of ‎convenience, thus simultaneously enhancing your customer’s experience. Foil pouches ‎are ‎typically used as a single-serving quantity, maximizing the efficiency of dose packaging (the ideal way to minimize waste associated with products that have a limited window of use). Ideal for perishable foods, cleansers, creams, lotions and medications.‎


Although we do not personally offer filling services, we have worked with ‎many high-quality fillers over the years. We would be happy to put those interested in touch with some of our favorite suppliers.‎

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