Double Sided Labels

Get the best of both sides of your labels. Our specialty clear adhesive and digital printing processes allow you to serve up a double shot of advertisement on transparent items by printing onto the adhesive portion of the label. With the right materials, adhesives, and printing equipment, your labels can add a whole new look to your products. You can choose to 1) print different images on each side; 2) print the same image on both sides of a transparent material and make the message visible from either direction; or 3) print an image on one side and important textual information on the other.

Double sided labels, also known as two-sided labels, gives an added layer of depth and originality for glass bottles, plastic tubes, or any other transparent surface. Due to rising consumer awareness about the environment, as well as the obvious advantages of saving space and label material by using both sides of the label for printing, they have rapidly gained popularity in the last few years. 

We aren't limited to just labels. We also have the ability to print window clings such as the “Push” and “Pull” messages on a door or "18+" for placement on the inside of glass display cases to provide a few popular examples.


Available in thousands of custom sizes, create a double sided label that’s the perfect fit for your next project or event.

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