Chipboard Display Cartons

Custom chipboard boxes can give your product a distinct look to help it stand out on the shelf. Lightweight custom chipboard boxes are ideal for small or breakable items. Chipboard boxes offer the versatility to safeguard many different types of items from damage while remaining versatile enough to incorporate artistic designs and branding.

Chipboard is a rigid pressed paperboard product manufactured from a mix of hot water, recycled paper, and glue. The glue is applied using pressure, heat, and water to fragments and layers of recycled paper, with the final mixture then pressed into various thicknesses. Chipboard features a smooth, clean, rigid finish that is suitable for printing, making custom chipboard boxes ideal for gift and product boxes.

Custom chipboard boxes are typically more affordable than comparable corrugated cardboard boxes. Not only are chipboard boxes less expensive to manufacture, but they also weigh less and take up less space. While both of these materials have a place in your store, it’s important to know when each material works best during shipping, endpoint packaging, and creating retail displays.

Our chipboard countertop displays are made with top quality materials, and we also offer corrugated countertop displays for any of your merchandising needs.

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