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About Us

Since 2000 Prism Packaging and Design Co. has offered a wide variety of printing such as Offset, Flexo Graphic, and Digital Printing. Within the last five years we have gone completely digital. Our digital printing presses provide us with incredible versatility, the ability to run labels in small batches, amazing quality, and unparalleled turnaround times. This enables us to lower production costs and reduce overall turnaround time by printing without set up fees or plates. 


We import a wide variety of the finest raw material, cutting edge technology, and stringent quality control methods to ensure the labels we provide you with are of the highest quality. We believe there are no shortcuts in achieving high quality standards. This is a long and continuous process which is facilitated by constantly improving our machinery, techniques, and mindsets. Our aim is to add maximum value to our customers' products while maintaining competitive prices at all times.

Our mission is to help you succeed. Plain and simple. To help build brand awareness, maximize brand visibility and turn your ideas into reality.

We understand the importance of absolute attention to detail and impeccable customer service as key to  the ability for our customers to grow their businesses. With over 20 years of collective experience in the printing business, we have learned the various ins and outs of different industries that we have had the pleasure of working with. We use our knowledge gained through our personal experience to provide superior service and input from start to finish, and beyond completion. Over  time, we have seen our focus grow and expand to naturally help companies achieve  their goals by offering product insight and branding advice.

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